About Us!

Stacks of vinyl are stashed in closets and filing cabinets in my basement.  We love records a lot, and there happens to be a lot of amazing music where we come from; It kind of just materializes around us on a daily basis. We wanted to capture some of it and share it with you.

We hope that by pressing short runs of records, paying the artist for the right to do so, we are able do it all over again. We’ll likely only produce one or two records a year, but we’ll make darn sure they’re good ones.

Long Long Ago…

We started in 2003, and have gone very slowly and steadily forth since then. Vinyl was always the dream, but it all began with dozens of CDRs with cut-out, black and white jackets. We managed to put out one record in 2005, The Yarbles – Oh Oh Oh. Unfortunately, it ended up being the swan song of The Yarbles, and it exhausted our will to press vinyl for some time.

Up until 2010, More CDRs were burned. It was at that point, thanks to some labels in Burlington, that we discovered Kunaki: A super-affordable automated online CD replication service. “It’s all done by robots!” is their company motto, or so I like to imagine. They have been our go-to ever since for releasing full length CDs.

2012 saw our second vinyl release, The Caring Babies – Gold Friends, thanks to help from our friend Fred Polizzi. A companion 7″ by the Law Abiders was planned for the following year, but never came to fruition before the band broke up, reformed, then broke up again.

After a number of full-length CD releases, we decided to devote our energy to vinyl once again. We really wanted to figure out a way to release someone else’s music. We had been asking bands with mixed results since the release of Gold Friends, but in 2017 we decided it had to happen. With grit and determination we prevailed!

Every piece of money we get from selling these records we will reinvest in doing it again. It’s our favorite format, and we love it dearly. So please, indulge us if you will!