Release Show!

Even though we already have The Pilgrims – No Focus and The Caring Babies – Songs About German Chocolate Cake available for sale, we’ve decided to have a proper release party at the Windsor Station in Windsor, Vermont. We’re going to do this thing up in style, and we hope to have you there!

Livin’ the Life!

Hey! We’re lookin’ sharp and we’re livin’ the life, surrounded by some records we had pressed. In addition to the new Pil-rums release, we also have the second vinyl installment in the Caring Baubles catalog for sale! It’s on delicious caramel flavored, oops, I mean caramel colored vinyl. Don’t eat them, I know it’s tempting. We also have a keen sense that something is coming up down the line… I can’t tell you much, because it takes like 4 months to press a record, and I don’t want all the excitement to wear right off, JEEZ!